7 05, 2019

Watermelon Gift Bag Using Ink Drag Technique


Watermelon Gift Bag Using the fun Ink Drag Technique We are having beautiful weather here in Spokane and I'm feeling like it is nearing Summer time, even though we barely have flowers blooming right now.  But my heart says Summer!  The super cute, adorable watermelon gift bag screams summer time!!!  Just image this  little bag filled up with the sour watermelon candy.  I smile just thinking about it. This is made is the soon-to-be retired Stampin' Up Gift Bag Punch Board, so now is the time to grab yours.  They are only $20 and they create quick and easy [...]

Watermelon Gift Bag Using Ink Drag Technique2019-05-30T18:22:05-07:00
16 03, 2019

Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt


St Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt Every year, we do a St Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt and the kids love it.  Some years I have done the same one because I haven't made up anything different and other years I change up the clues so they have something new to figure out.  Either way, they have a great time and look forward to it each year. I have made this as easy as possible for anyone to use and you can decorate it up any way you would like.  In the video, I have decorated [...]

Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt2019-05-30T18:38:11-07:00
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